” I still want to do it even though the camera do not want to auto-focus ! ” – LoveSiee

fingers crossed, LoveSiee,

BLogs aBouT . . . wHaT i 

♥ go go blogging cirque !

♥ clothes make you look thinner, fatter, skinnier, older, bigger, taller, shorter ~hMph ! – those fashion bloggers are my savior. I did not put  make-up on at most of my outfit exhibits is because I have not put much effort on make-up yet, definitely what I love to do like all the ladies out there. Just that I am one step back off from all the ladies who do make-up because I am allergy to most make-up products. I just put my outfit on and pose, with my normal hair and sometimes tied hair, which makes me wish to have Bebexo and Cinthia Truong skillful hands at the same time to transform my hair easily !

♥ review on any giveaway I won. Sharing other bloggers’ giveaways and related

♥ review? yes

♥ my pets and related

♥ . . . simply inspired by what I love ¸ . ~ . ¸ . · ✿ * εїз * ♫ · . ¸ . ~


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