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Yes, I chose this Universe Leggings. I love this universe prints the most among the other Romwe galaxy / universe leggings, it is super cool 😀 according to me lah 🙂

Romwe Universe Leggings Outfit

oh, undeniable love when I top it of with earth background haha ! yay or nay? haha ! either ways. . . honk hoonnk ! I love my sweater, the bows on both pockets make it so hello kitty feelings haha !

Romwe Universe Leggings

I’m not sure if this up close exhibit will helps you more on your imaginations since I have already linked the product earlier. Okay, never mind, consider this as a confirmation lah hor, how it looks on my real legs.

Pocket with bow

What do you think about the bow on the pocket?? I think it makes this sweater looks fun to wear with 😀 I’m sure this bow will melts your girly girl heart because that is what happened to me !

Pocket with bow 2

Tuck my hand in. I can put my phone in it.

That’s it for now my love !

I miss my blog so much ! I want to blog more please. . . but this life decision is taking all my commitment. See you again.

Love, Siee