I’m Jessiee, 25 years old Malaysian, live in Sabah. May 5th, 2013 was the 13th’s Malaysian General Election. I am happy to be part of this historical day, went through the whole voting process and got my ballot papers marked at the polling station that were determined by the Election Commission. It was my first opportunity to vote 🙂

Here is the two problems I found during the voting process. I understand the idea to paint the index finger with ink but I think, the painting index finger session should be done after put in the ballot papers in the ballot boxes because I found the possibility to ruin the ballot paper. Of course we can ask for another ballot paper if it ruined but how if people didn’t notice they ruined their ballot papers since we have the possibility to have that kind of of person? Were believed by the social media that it was an inedible and fast-dry ink but yet I am not feeling secure enough during the voting process for I was trying to avoid my left painted index finger from attach to any of my surroundings especially the ballot papers. After I leave the polling room, I wiped my painted index finger with tissue, it left somewhat stain on that tissue.

The index finger paint session is a mark or a sign that person has voted. But I feel awkward when I got my left index finger painted first but I have not mark my ballot papers and put in the ballot box yet. I think the index finger paint session should respect these two sessions — marked ballot papers and ballot papers inserted in the ballot box.

Since I joined the poll, I was too waiting for the results started after 5pm that day. It was great to watched on the internet, Facebook and television how everyone was talking about it. We know how politic works. We know exactly how a politic can be so powerful. So it is understandable what had happened all over the internet, Facebook and television.

Political statuses filling up my Facebook news feed. Everyone has the right and risk to update status on Facebook, so I was witnessing all the uncertainties.

People starting to change their profile picture into black. I am not sure who started it first or what does it really means but through my observation it was because they were disappointed. Disappointed because they think the Election Commission were being dishonest. I am not going to make any assumption over what I saw all over the media for I didn’t see it for real.

I am here not to stand for any sides but I am sincerely blogging from my heart. I only can watch political statuses, videos, television broadcast, but there is no certainty about everything because I am just a citizen of Malaysia. I do not have the relationship with the authority holders to have the opportunity to understand and know the truth but I am learning as a citizen of Malaysia.

Another idea I saw on Facebook, not specifically speaking of the person who came out with this idea because I saw not just one person sharing this kind of post on Facebook, and I don’t think to find out who started it first will bring a solution to the real matter. If my responsibility got question at this point, please know that this is not my job, even if I should, I have a very long way to go for it.

It was the idea to encourage people to join the petition to send to Barrack Obama. The context of the petition is democracy crisis happening during the 13th Malaysian General Election. How can this idea be logic? I mean, I put my mind as the person’s mind who came out with this idea, I still yet don’t find it as a solution to start the United State intervention petition. I mean, the real way or solution to this matter is through the existing choices—through the opposition parties (PKR, SAPP, DAP, PAS, STAR and etc.)

Uncertainties can be dangerous if handle with ego.


Love, Siee