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I won gray fringe scarf from CHOIES ..✦

I was wondering how my won scarf will look like. I will only know upon receiving it. It makes me nervous because I did not wear scarf much. So to make this blog post happened was different, not the process in making this blog post, I guess..the fact that I did not wear scarf much that makes a different to my usual accessory to wear haha ! Sorry ! I sounds like making a huge different ! Excuse me for my emotion haha !

Scarf from CHOIES

I remembered I was on Instagram, touched screen on the love buttons, keep scrolling down for inspirations (I was not on Instagram for the scarf sake, I just love Instagram like everyone do) then I saw bongqiuqiu‘s picture, touched screen the love button & I feel like the moment I touch screen the love button, my index finger popping love shaped bubbles and it fly up to the air & gone haha ! That is the imagination of my feeling ! I knew I found inspiration for my awaited scarf 😀

bongqiuqiu's Instagram scarf inspiration

Yes thats the Instagrammed by bongqiuqiu. She is one of my favourite blogger too 😀  I just snipped the exhibit above today, I still can see my comment on this Instagrammed haha ! Here is the link to the mentioned Instagrammed http://instagram.com/p/RuuLhHsRud/

Nude Peep Toe Pump with Hot  Pink Colour Block and  Leopard Print Shoe Soles

Forever love to this peep toe pump. I love how it nude with hot pink colour block, leopard print shoe soles and the bows making it so girly girl !

Closer view of the CHOIES Scarf

Closer view of the scarf. None like any of my imaginations about scarfs because this kind of fabric is least expected. My 1st kind of scarf 🙂

Closer view of the CHOIES Scarf's Fringe

I love how the fringe on top of the floral dress 😀

If you wonder, below is how the fabric of my dress looks like.

Floral Dress's Fabric

Whew ~ end pf post, until then !

Love, Siee