If you followed me on Twitter, you already know that I won this giveaway. This blog post has been on draft for long due to blog migration but here it goes anyway ! 😉

If you wonder, CABLOOK is one of my favourite fashion blogger too, click here for more of her blog. I bet you guys going to like her too 😉

CHOIES on the other hand is s a global website destination for fashion-forward offers clothing, jewelries, accessories and shoes for high-street addicts.

Below of the giveaway poster 🙂

CABLOOOK + CHOIES Autumn Giveaway of 50 scarves

This giveaway ended November 5th, 2012. The Choies team who will decided the 50 winners but instead of 50 winners. . .

CABLOOOK + CHOIES Autumn Giveaway 124 Winnersthey chose 124 winners ! Announced on Darya’s blog on the November 5th, 2012. Means all the participants are the lucky winners ! Haha ! Thanks to Choies team and Darya (CABLOOK) for this opportunity 😀

email from the CABLOOOK + CHOIES Autumn Giveaway 124 WinnersTo received email like this just so fun and never get enough of it haha !

I tweeted picture of the parcel received on 27th November, 2012. Here is the tweet https://twitter.com/LoveSiee/status/273284829263585282/photo/1

So it took 3 weeks to received the item. I hope this info help you guys on calming down your excitement nerves 🙂

How do I style the won CHOIES scarf up next on blog !

Love, Siee