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Welcome ! So here it goes what has said on my previous blog at Blogspot to says. Scroll down, there will be pictures of how I matched my won ROMWE Galaxy Leggings. Lets get inspired !

First attempt to mix and match is with this Minnie Shirt below. I’ve decided to buy this shirt when I first saw it because the shirt’s colour detailing reminds me of the colour detailing that happen on the Galaxy Leggings too (yellow and red) and simply because I love Minnie. So I fingers crossed it will match the leggings all the way bringing this Minnie Shirt back home.

Minnie Shirt to pair with ROMWE Galaxy LeggingsWhen I tried them on, my first commentator said, it doesn’t really match. That comment sounds 50 / 50 to me. So I gave it a try anyway. If you notice the white + gray + black stripes happen on the shirt’s hem, I guess that’s the reason why. Or simply because the shirt is white. Or my imaginations about the colour details on both shirt and leggings fail. I did Google how others and fashion bloggers paired their Galaxy Leggings before I decided to mix and match mine. I noticed most of them chose black top to be match with their Galaxy Leggings. So I’m ready to feel a little bit fail before I bought the Minnie Shirt. Scroll down to see the outcome ! I am requesting everyone to comment down below how do you think about this first attempt Galaxy Leggings mix and match 😀

Minnie Shirt's SleeveStretchable sleeves hem

ROMWE Galaxy Leggings view from topThere is the yellow and red detailing my brain really took note to haha

ROMWE Galaxy Leggings paired with Red Heels

I paired them with red pumps, trying to accentuate the red colours. In the hope that this red pumps will help me not failing my first attempt mix and match haha !

ROMWE Galaxy Leggings with Minnie ShirtSo here is me trying to peek-a-boo which is inspired by my Minnie Shirt :D

Second attempt Galaxy Leggings mix and match up nextLove, Siee