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Second attempt ROMWE Galaxy Leggings mix and match 🙂

I matched it with my DIY tank top. I DIY-ed my husband’s tshirt 😀

ROMWE Galaxy Legging with DIY Tank Top

Much better right? 😀 Yes, I will definitely find effort to match the Galaxy Leggings with the most chosen colour by those fashionistas, the black top.

Black Peep Toe Pump

This Black Peep Toe Pump gonna be my best-est friend of every photo sessions I do because I just can’t go wrong with it ! ❤

Galaxy Legging with DIY Tank Top and Flat Shoes

High heels can be very tiring to wear them for hours, so I still want to match the outfits with flat shoes 🙂

Black Flat Shoes with Red Shoe Soles

Please excuse me for the ugliness of this flat shoes picture. I’m still learning by myself to take nicer picture. Anyway I love how the shoe soles is in red colour, so match with the DIY tank top.

Until then !

Love, Siee