Hello loves !

So here is my new blog at WordPress šŸ˜€

It took me more than a month to completely feel moved from Blogspot. Completely feel moved means, *clearing throats*, behind all my unprofessional blog editor / designer skills, to feel satisfied (feel completed) necessitated me a lot of my time, patience, eyes sore and yeah you name it what it takes to be a blogger.

What do you think about my previous blog appearance and to this new one? My previous blog was obviously pink as theĀ exhibitĀ below.
LoveSiee at BlogspotI wanted to change it into pastelerize blog yet not losing the elements of heart shape, musical notes and flowers. By the way, a new element added, the pink pearl beads šŸ™‚

So the blog end up pinkish šŸ™‚ Pastel? Not really, I’m so out of ideas to make it happen. MyĀ unprofessionalĀ blog editor / designer skills definitely depends on WordPress’s available themes and with that available theme, I only need to work a little bit to make this blog happened (that means a lot of work to anĀ unprofessionalĀ one like me)

It took a few attempts to create the blog title appearance. Final product is the 6th attempts. What do you guys think about it? I really love the roses as the border line of my blog’s name. Rose illustration is every girly girls most wanted right now, right?

The last thing I designed was my blog’s name, LoveSiee. The font did not change because I am still obsessed with that font but I am so in dilemma in choosing the colours. It is so hard to find a colour to be match with the whole elements and background. So there you go, pinkish font instead of white this time. If anyone got any ideas to share regarding the colours or designs, I would really appreciate if you share it with me.

Please do share me your thoughts yah..

Love, Siee